CAMP Education Scholarship

CAMP Education scholarship is granted to alum, who become a CAMP mentee, for their upcoming school year/semester to help pay for the college/university tuition and or educational expenses.  This can be granted to a current student, or an alumnus looking to go back and further their education. 


A CAMP Education Scholarship recipient must be enrolled in a college or university during the Fall 2017 academic session and must, as of that session, be a CAMP mentee. 


CAMP Education Scholarship applicants must provide:

*    Letter of recommendation from an employee (professor/advisor) of the college/university where the student is currently enrolled (or if entering as a freshman, a letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator from the alumnus’ high school).

*  A personal statement in the form of a letter or a document demonstrating financial need.  A copy of a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be acceptable for this purpose.

*   The applicant’s high school transcript and, if the applicant is already enrolled at a college or university, a current college/university transcript.

*   The applicant's class schedule for the fall 2016 academic session

*   Copy of a current student ID from a college/university

*   Scholarship recipient must become a CAMP mentee


The deadline to apply using the online form below is August 1, 2017. Scholarship recipients will be notified of their scholarship award by August 15. The scholarship money will be sent directly in the form of a check to the scholarship recipient’s college/university financial aid office.





Application Deadline : 8/1/2017

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