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financial aid opportunities


The Concept Alumni Mentorship Program pairs experienced and successful professionals and community leaders with Concept Alumni to help them set and achieve their life and career goals through real-world opportunities.

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Concept Alumni Network is proud to offer employment opportunities. Please click here to see available job openings.

financial aid opportunities


The purpose of the Alumni Scholarship Program is to bridge the financial gap that Concept Schools’ graduates face and make their education possible.

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Wherever our alumni live and whatever their interest, chances are Concept Schools has an event to help them connect to their alma mater and fellow alumni.

Seniors Picnic
Location: Sharon Woods Park
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financial aid opportunities


The purpose of Concept Alumni Relief Efforts - CARE is to raise awareness of important local, state, national and international issues such as earthquakes, hurricanes, hunger, etc., among Concept Alumni to help them be more conscious members of their communities and the world. CARE will bring attention to important causes to which Alumni can offer their support and spread the word in their own communities.

financial aid opportunities

CAN Inspire

CAN Inspire will present distinguished Concept Alumni Network keynote speakers and bring diverse viewpoints from all walks of life. It will be a vibrant platform taking an active role in the most important issues from education to business in today's world. Through its alumni speakers and forums, we look forward to exploring and exchanging ideas and having opportunities to interact with each other.